It aims to redirecting the wrong behavioral types of driving towards right ones and also to support positive behavior through raising awareness in   
It aims to improving and developing the engineering aspects related to traffic safety. It also involves improvement in traffic engineering, renewal …
It is one of the most important elements of the traffic safety strategy and aims to reduction in road accidents. It includes reporting of traffic accidents
It aims to develop the abilities of rescuing, medical aids, paramedics training and improving the pace of response (ERs) to traffic accidents …

Traffic Safety Council aims at safety on roads by planning and implementing medical, engineering and educational programs along with traffic laws and precautionary measures to minimize the accidents and prevent their bad effects. Also, we strive to guarantee the safety of the people and their properties and to maintain the safety of the country’s human and economic resources.

Traffic Safety Council prepared a comprehensive and integrated plan pertaining large number of outreach programs for traffic safety. It aims to communicate with the various segments of society through different means including media, whether print or electronic. Beside entertainment programs, field visits and mobile convoy;